Fitbit Alta vs Fitbit Flex 2 Review

If you are wearing a fitness tracker, or thinking about wearing one, chances are it is a Fitbit.

For years, I have worn or carried one. I started out with the Fitbit One. Cute little device, I liked that I could keep it in my pocket or just clip it to the waist band of my pants. What I didn’t like is that I had to manually set it to sleep mode in order for it to track my sleep. I also didn’t like that in order for it to properly track my sleep I had to wear it on this huge wrist band, it was very uncomfortable.

Enter the Fitbit Alta. That is a fantastic little device. It is wrist worn, but, the straps come off and you can put it in a little waist clip type holder, plus it tracks sleep automatically…perfect right? Well, for all things except sleep, at least for me. I am not one who likes things on my wrist at night so needless to say it did bother me in the night to the point I would take it off in the night.

Well Fitbit then came out with the Flex 2. It is a very small light weight basic fitness tracker. Perfect for wearing at night, plus, it’s water proof so I don’t have to take it off while taking a shower.

Check out my video review and my further thoughts on these two fantastic Fitbit trackers.


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