Let’s Get In Shape Together


SnapShot(0)This blog is about my life and my goals, or lifestyle changes. I started it to be more accountable to myself, nothing makes you more accountable than going public with your intentions. My hope is that as I go through my journey in life I will help and  encourage you through your journey through life, both in work, exercise, and just good positive personal development and self improvement.

Primarily, I will be vlogging and will also post the vlogs here as well as the added benefit of a few written words on the topic of the day so you will want to subscribe to my YouTube Channel as well as sign up for weekly updates from the blog where I will be sharing things that are not on the Youtube channel, you don’t want to miss out.

Today’s Vlog was: Let’s Get In Shape Together, it is an open conversation where I discuss my challenge with weight and my goal of getting in shape by walking. Join me and share with me you personal weight loss and get in shape goals.


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