How To Increase Your Walking Steps

vlog2When you first start out walking and counting your steps you may find that it take a lot more walking to get your step count up. I know when I first started, my goal was 6000 steps a day. Now I have a desk job and have pretty much been sitting on my butt for 30 years. All of a sudden trying to walk 6000 steps was a culture shock to my body and I was surprised just how little walking I have been doing and just how much walking it takes to get 6000 steps.

What I did was take longer routes to get to where I needed to go. Instead of going to the bathroom that was closest to me, I decided, and it is a conscience decision, to walk to the restroom that was on the total other side of the building I am in. I may even choose to walk up a flight of stairs in the process just to add extra steps and increase the resistance on my legs with the stairs.

It takes a commitment and intentional thought process to change your routes. I can’t tell you how many times, just out of habit, I went to the restroom that was closest to where I was. It really takes effort, which isn’t hard, it is just different, to change your normal path. It is really breaking one habit for another.

I am really enjoying walking, go ahead, get up and give it a try and then come back here and let me know how you are doing.



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